a paper a day keeps the doctorate away?

about this thing

Currently in an econ phd program. Felt like I wasn’t reading enough – and what I was reading wasn’t sinking in enough. I also wanted to keep track of my sources in a more controlled manner. As a part of adding everything to mendeley (maybe…), I figured I would write up my comments on papers. The goal is to read and comment once a day. If you’d like you can email me at [email protected], but I don’t check it often.

I’m not always going to focus on papers, or even on NBER papers, but at the moment, reading NBER working paper releases seems easiest to motivate for, so that may be what happens.

This whole thing is hosted by github pages (thanks guys) using jekyll – which is a bomb combination. The syntax highlighting code is borrowed from the Poole setup – so thanks to those guys too.

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